Debonding is one of the standard procedures in fixed orthodontics and includes removing brackets and adhesive from the tooth surface. During this process the enamel surface must not be violated. To remove the adhesive residue from the enamel surface Dendia offers a well selected range of high and low-speed tungsten carbide multi-blade finishing instruments with up to 30 blades. To remove safely also the last thin layer of adhesive we offer especially developed polishers.

Multi-blade finishing carbides with up to 30 blades for gentle removal of remaining adhesive

Most instrument types available as high-speed (FG) and low-speed (RA) version

A hardened and precisely grinded shank provides vibration free working, protects against bending of the instrument and prevents of damaging the power unit.

Especially developed polishers based on epoxy-resin and glass to remove the last layer of resin

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