Dica Diamonds

Highest quality for highest demands. Diamond grinders are the most important and most used rotary instruments. Our DICA diamond grinders consist of high-quality natural diamonds and hardened shanks of the highest accuracy. Manufactured with many years of experience and optimized electroplating processes over decades, they inspire with every application. Other diamonds may lead to a good result but only DICA diamonds convince with a perfect result in the shortest time and offer pleasant working experience.

Highest quality natural Diamond grains for perfect cutting efficiency

A separate blank for each diameter and grain size ensure always the correct diameter of the working part and support a perfect preparation.

A hardened and precisely grinded shank provides vibration free working, protects against bending of the instrument and prevents of damaging the power unit.

Many years of knowledge about the bonding process and the dense distribution of the diamonds ensure high quality, high cutting performance and long life-time

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